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Seminar “Another Type of War – Sports in 20th Century America”

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Play ball! America is known as a competitive place and nowhere is that more true than in its sports. This course
will take a look at the following points:
■ The basic history and formation of MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and other major sports leagues along with their
■ Key American athletes like: Babe Ruth, Jesse Owens, Jim Thorpe, Muhammad Ali, Hank Aaron, LeBron
James and Jackie Robinson;
■ How sports played a role in the Cold War;
■ The Olympics, specifically 1936, 1968, 1980 and 1984 and the politics that coincided;
■ College sports, including NCAA and Title IX – including famous college and women athletes like Nancy
Lopez, Chris Everett, Meghan Rapinoe, and Simone Biles;
■ Unbreakable records and how long they’ve stood;
■ Terminology used when discussing the sports;
■ Falls from grace: OJ Simpson, Michael Vick and others who failed to be a role model;
■ The future of sports: camera angles, political advocacy from athletes, stadiums.

We will furher cover the greatest sports moments in American history, such as
■ Jackie Robinson stealing home,
■ Willie Mays' overhead catch,
■ the Miracle on Ice in 1980,
■ 1988 World Series,
■ 1999 Super Bowl


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