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Seminar “Virtual Reality in the Drama Classroom – Between Proximity and Distance”

Anglistik (Englisch)


Drama didactics focuses on scenic processes, on acting out and the production of texts in English lessons.
Performative literature teaching enables a variety of teaching and methodological approaches and opens up a
didactic scope that creates very different possibilities for an action-oriented and production-oriented literature
class. Through the use of literature-based dramatic activities a clearer comprehension and awareness of the
text is promoted, a deeper interpretation is allowed and the reading motivation increased.


The current situation presents drama teachers with a new challenge: How can you teach theater in virtual
space? How can closeness arise at a distance and how can texts be staged together at a distance? In this
course we face the challenge of virtual theater and find ways to work theatrically with texts. We will work with
a variety of drama and non-dramatic texts to discover their performative potential in the virtual space. We will
use action-oriented and creative methods in combination with classical analytical approaches to texts. The
drama techniques which are taught in this course can be implemented and applied immediately in the teaching
practice. This course helps students to build up their own repertoire of methods in order to work performatively
with texts in class


Um an der Lehrveranstaltung teilzunehmen, melden Sie sich bitte bis zum 16. November, 15 Uhr per E-Mail unter offenetuer@anglistik.uni-freiburg.de an. Geben Sie bitte dabei den Titel der Lehrveranstaltung an, für die Sie sich anmelden möchten.